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The articles posted here consist of versions of articles that are about to be published or have been published in journals or conference proceedings. For final versions, please see the corresponding journals or proceedings.
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Thanks to Michael Ley's Databases & Logic Programming bibliography server, I can point you to this dynamically updated list of some of my papers.

Another interesting link on the internet that contains information about my publications is the The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies where you can also look for another dynamically updated list of some of my papers. This one also contains BibTeX items that you can use.

Below, you can find lists of conference and journal publications (in reverse chronological order).

In some of them, clicking on the link gets you the Postscript or PDF version of the paper directly. In some others, by clicking on their title, you end up in another page where you can read the paper's abstract. (On that page you can download the paper by clicking on the title.)

You can also get some information about the conference they appeared by following the link (provided that that link is still maintained).

Unpublished Works

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I try to keep links to my co-authors, but there are no guarantees that their homepages (still) exist.

Maurice Bruynooghe Mats Carlsson Richard Carlsson Michael Codish Steven Dawson
Stefaan Decorte Bart Demoen Juliana Freire Per Gustafsson Gerda Janssens
Bengt Jonsson Michael Leuschel Tobias Lindahl Thomas Lindgren Ricardo Lopes
Daniel Luna Henning Makholm Bern Martens Henrik Nässén Mikael Pettersson
C.R. Ramakrishnan I.V. Ramakrishnan Prasad Rao Vítor Santos Costa Danny De Schreye
Steven Skiena Zoltan Somogyi Erik Stenman Peter J. Stuckey Terrance Swift
Ruben Vandeginste Sofie Verbaeten David S. Warren Jesper Wilhelmsson

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