Parosh Aziz Abdulla - Recent Tutorials and Presentations

View Abstraction
  • Tutorial: View Abstraction..
View Abstraction (Slides)
  • Tutorial: View Abstraction. .
View Abstraction
  • pdf version of the abpve file..
Infinite-State Markov Chains (1)
  • Tutorial: Framework for model checking of Markov chains induced by Petri nets, Turing machines, communicating processes, etc..
Infinite-State Markov Chains (2)
  • Slides for the above tutorial.
Timed Push-Down Automata (1)
  • Tutorial: Push-Down Automata extended with time.
Timed Push-Down Automata (2)
  • Slides for the above tutorial.
Priced Timed Petri Nets (1)
  • Tutorial: How to check coverability properties for Petri nets when extended both by time and prices.
Priced Timed Petri Nets (2)
  • Slides for the above tutorial.
Regular Model Checking
  • An intorduction.
Parameterized Systems
  • Presentation: A collection of techniques we have designed for verification of parameterized systems.
Monotonic Abstraction (1)
  • Tutorial: A light-weight description of parameterized verification using the techniques we have developed for monotonic abstraction.
Monotonic Abstraction (2)
  • Tutorial: A slightly different (but still light-weight) description of monotonic abstraction.
Well Quasi-Ordered Transition Systems
  • Tutorial: A detailed description of our methods for model checking of infinite-state systems..
Heap-Manipulating Programs
  • Presentation: Using symbolic backward reachability analysis for verification of programs with pointers.
Priced Timed Petri Nets
  • Presentation: Analysis of Priced Discrete-Timed Petri Nets..