Joachim Parrow, Short CV

Education and Employments

Born 25 Dec. 1956; Swedish Citizen, Married, three children. BSc in Computer Science, Uppsala University 1980; PhD in Computer Science, Uppsala University 1986 (Thesis title: Fairness properties in process algebra), Docent 1990.

From May 2010 Joachim Parrow is professor in Computing Systems (Datalogi) at the department of Information Technology at Uppsala University, and from July 2017 he is Dean of Mathematics and Computer Science. 2001--2010 he was professor of Computer Systems at the same department. 2005--2008 he was member of the faculty board and Dean of Education, and 2002--2005 he was Head of Education.

During 1994-2001 he was professor in Distributed Systems at the Department of Microelectronics and Information Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm. There he was a member of Centrala Tjänsteförslagsnämnden, the committee for promotions of lecturers to professors. From April 1997 until October 2000 he was Prefekt (Head of Department), and 1997-1999 a member of the Scientific Council of the School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at KTH.

During 1986-1994 he was employed as a researcher at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science, leading the research group on Formal Design Techniques.

During 1986-1989 he spent in all 18 months at the University of Edinburgh, working with Robin Milner.

Research Interests

Joachim Parrow works in the group on Theory for Mobile Processes . He has been working in the general area of formal methods for concurrent and distributed systems, mainly process algebraic formalisms and related logics and their applications in automated tools for formal verification. He began the development of the Concurrency Workbench (an automated verification tool for CCS) in 1986, and collaborated with Robin Milner and David Walker in developing the pi-calculus (a calculus of mobile processes) 1987-1989. Recent research has focussed on developing and applying the pi-calculus, notably in the Psi- calculi and in formalising calculi in the theorem prover Isabelle.

Joachim Parrow is an ISI highly cited researcher (2001).

Previous Students

Joachim Parrow has advised ten students to a PhD:
Peter Sjödin (Uppsala 1991),
Fredrik Orava (Uppsala 1994),
Björn Victor (Uppsala 1998),
Gunnar Övergaard (KTH 2000),
Jose Vivas (KTH 2001),
Lars-åke Fredlund (KTH 2001),
Oskar Wibling (Uppsala 2008),
Jesper Bengtson (Uppsala 2010),
Magnus Johansson (Uppsala 2010),
Johannes Åman Pohjola (Uppsala 2016).
and five to a Licentiat degree.

Current Student

Anke Stüber


Joachim Parrow was Programme Committee chair for ICALP track B 2003. He was Co-Chair for EXPRESS'97, Programme Committee Co-Chair for FTRTFT'96 and Programme Committee Chair for Concur'94, and co-chair for PSTV'91.

He was a member of the programme committees for CONCUR'90, PSTV'93, CONCUR'95, CAV'95, FTRTFT'98, CONCUR'98, ICALP'00, EXPRESS'01, CONCUR'02, ICALP'04, TGC'05, CONCUR'09, ICALP'11, FOSSACS'12, MeMo'14, MeMo'15, CONCUR'16.

He is an editor of Formal Aspects of Computing and of Logical Methods in Computer Science. He has been guest editor of Information and Computation, Computer Networks and ISDN Systems and of Nordic Journal of Computing.

He was active in the formation of the NUTEK Comptence Center ASTEC 1994 and a member of its board until 1998. He was a member of the board of SICS 1999-2002.

Recent Teaching

Programmering, a yearly second year course (in Swedish) on Python and Java.
The Science and Technology students' pedagogical prize 2009 (motivation in Swedish).

Current Projects

Former Projects

Project leader for SICS basic research projects FDT (1987-1990) and CORRECT (1990-1993). Leader of the Swedish contributions to the Esprit Basic Research projects CONCUR, 1989-1992, CONCUR2 (1992-1995), CONFER (1992-1995), and the working group EXPRESS (1994-1996). Project leader of the TFR project High Level Constructs for Protocol Design (1992-1995), the NUTEK project Methods for Distributed System Design(1993-1995), the ASTEC project BOOM: Formal Specification of Object-Oriented Modelling Concepts (1995-1998) and the TFR "ramanslag" Semantics and Proofs for Programming Languages, 1999-2002. Co-ordinator of the EU IST/GC project PROFUNDIS (2002-2005).

Selected Papers

See also my DBLP page and my google scholar page. Warning: Links to journal papers below are not always verbatim copies. In most cases they are pretty close though. Note that copyrights for these have been transferred to the publishers.
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