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Real-Time Systems

2007 HT

Wang Yi

Results for the final exam: Jan 10, 2008

Results for the final exam: Oct 19, 2007


  1. The lecture notes (pdf-files) for the first lecture (Aug 27) are available now (with links in the Schedule below).
  2. You may have a look at an example exam (ps-file) from 2003. Please note that for the final exam (19 Oct, 2007), you will not be allowed to bring the lecture notes, or text books with you.
  3. START, Aug 27, 2007


The aim of the course is to introduce a special class of time-sensitive computer systems known as real-time systems whose behaviour must satisfy timing-constraints (i.e. deadlines). They are often embedded in safety-critical applications such as modern vehicles, process control, and traffic control etc, and therefore they are also known as embedded systems. The course covers topics: scheduling theory (especially rate monotone scheduling, schedulability analysis, response time analysis), real-time operating systems, real time programming languages, execution time analysis, resource control protocols, methods and software tools for modelling, simulation and verification of real-time systems.



  1. These notes together with lecture notes (available on-line) can be an alternative to the recommended text book which is:
  2. UPPAAL in a Nutshell, av Kim Larsen, Paul Pettersson och Wang Yi. In International Journal of Software Tools for Technology Transfer, 1(1-2), December 1997, pages 134-152.
  3. Modelling Tips for TIMES, Tobias Amnell.

Instruction for readings


(for further readings only)
  1. HARD REAL-TIME COMPUTING SYSTEMS - Predictable Scheduling Algorithms and Applications, Giorgio Buttazzo ISBN: 0-7923-9994-3
  2. Real-Time Systems and Programming Languages, Alan Burns and Andy Wellings, Addison Wesley.

Interesting reading material


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Schedule: START: 27 Aug. 08.15-10, room 1211

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