On this page we provide a list of previous members of the team grouped according to; PhD, Licentiate, Postdocs and visitors. Current members of the team are listed here.


[PhD14] Christian Andersson Naesseth (PhD Automatic Control, 2018) Machine learning using approximate inference - Variational and sequential Monte Carlo methods. [pdf] Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Co-supervisor: Fredrik Lindsten. Currently: Post-doc at Columbia University (the Machine Learning group of David Blei), New York, NY, USA.

[PhD13] Andreas Svensson (PhD Automatic Control, 2018) Machine learning with state-space models, Gaussian processes and Monte Carlo methods. [pdf] Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Co-supervisor: Fredrik Lindsten. Currently: Post-doc at Uppsala University, Sweden.

[PhD12] Manon Kok (PhD Automatic Control, 2017) Probabilistic modeling for sensor fusion with inertial measurements. [pdf] Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Co-supervisor: Fredrik Gustafsson. Currently: Assistant professor at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

[PhD11] Johan Dahlin (PhD Automatic Control, 2016) Accelerating Monte Carlo methods for Bayesian inference in dynamical models. [pdf] [code] Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Co-supervisor: Fredrik Lindsten. Currently: Self-employed consultant at Kotte Consulting AB and Teambuild on Tech, Stockholm, Sweden.

[PhD10] Liang Dai (PhD Signal Processing, 2016) Identification using convexification and recursion. [pdf] Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Co-supervisor: Petre Stoica. Currently: Post-doc at New York University, Abu Dhabi campus.

[PhD9] Niklas Wahlström (PhD Automatic Control, 2015) Modeling of magnetic fields and extended objects for localization applications. [pdf] [DiVA] Supervisor: Fredrik Gustafsson. Co-supervisor: Thomas Schön. Currently: Assistant Professor at Uppsala University.

[PhD8] Martin Skoglund (PhD Automatic Control, 2014) Inertial navigation and mapping for autonomous vehicles. [pdf] [DiVA] Supervisor: Fredrik Gustafsson. Co-supervisor: Thomas Schön. Currently: Post-doc at Linköping University.

[PhD7] Fredrik Lindsten (PhD Automatic Control, 2013) Particle filters and Markov chains for learning of dynamical systems. [pdf] [DiVA] Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Co-supervisor: Lennart Ljung and Fredrik Gustafsson. Currently: Associate Professor at Linköping University, Sweden.

[PhD6] Zoran Sjanic (PhD Automatic Control, 2013) Navigation and mapping for aerial vehicles based on inertial and imaging sensors. [pdf] [DiVA] Supervisor: Fredrik Gustafsson. Co-supervisor: Thomas Schön. Currently: Engineer at Saab.

[PhD5] Karl Granström (PhD Automatic Control, 2012) Extended target tracking using PHD filters. [pdf] [DiVA] Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Co-Supervisor: Fredrik Gustafsson. Currently: Post-doc at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

[PhD4] Christian Lundquist (PhD Automatic Control, 2011) Sensor fusion for automotive applications [pdf] [DiVA] Supervisor: Fredrik Gustafsson. Co-Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Currently: CEO at SenionLab.

[PhD3] Jeroen Hol (PhD Automatic Control, 2011) Sensor Fusion and Calibration using Inertial Sensors, Vision, Ultra-Wideband and GPS [pdf] [DiVA] Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Co-Supervisor: Fredrik Gustafsson. Currently: Senior Engineer at DAQRI in Vienna, Austria.

[PhD2] David Broman (PhD Computer Science, 2010) Meta-Languages and Semantics for Equation-Based Modeling and Simulation [pdf] [DiVA] Supervisor: Peter Fritzon. Co-Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Currently: Associate Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

[PhD1] David Törnqvist (PhD Automatic Control, 2008) Estimation and Detection with Applications to Navigation [pdf] [DiVA] Supervisor: Fredrik Gustafsson. Co-Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Currently: CTO at SenionLab.


[Lic12] Carl Andersson (2019) Deep learning applied to system identification: A probabilistic perspective. [pdf] Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Co-supervisor: Niklas Wahlström.

[Lic11] Carl Jidling (2019) Tailoring Gaussian processes for tomographic reconstruction. [pdf] Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Co-supervisor: Niklas Wahlström.

[Lic10] Andreas Svensson (2016) Learning probabilistic models of dynamical phenomena using particle filters [pdf]. Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Co-supervisor: Fredrik Lindsten.

[Lic9] Manon Kok (2014) Probabilistic modeling for positioning applications using inertial sensors [pdf]. Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Co-Supervisor: Fredrik Gustafsson.

[Lic8] Johan Dahlin (2014) Sequential Monte Carlo for inference in nonlinear state space models [pdf]. Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Co-Supervisor: Fredrik Lindsten.

[Lic7] Niklas Wahlström (2013) Localization using magnetometers and light sensors [pdf]. Supervisor: Fredrik Gustafsson. Co-Supervisor: Thomas Schön.

[Lic6] Martin Skoglund (2011) Visual Inertial Navigation and Calibration [pdf]. Supervisor: Fredrik Gustafsson. Co-Supervisor: Thomas Schön.

[Lic5] Fredrik Lindsten (2011) Rao-Blackwellised particle methods for inference and identification [pdf]. Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Co-Supervisor: Lennart Ljung and Fredrik Gustafsson.

[Lic4] Karl Granström (2011) Loop detection and extended target tracking using laser data [pdf]. Supervisor: Thomas Schön. Co-Supervisor: Fredrik Gustafsson.

[Lic3] Zoran Sjanic (2011) Navigation and SAR auto-focusing in a sensor fusion framework [pdf]. Supervisor: Fredrik Gustafsson. Co-Supervisor: Thomas Schön.

[Lic2] Christian Lundquist (2009) Automotive sensor fusion for situation awareness [pdf]. Supervisor:  Fredrik Gustafsson. Co-Supervisor: Thomas Schön

[Lic1] Jeroen Hol (2008) Pose estimation and calibration algorithms for vision and inertial sensors [pdf]. Supervisor: Fredrik Gustafsson. Co-Supervisor: Thomas Schön.

Postdocs and Researchers

[PD5] Jack Umenberger (previously at University of Sydney), 2017-2019. Currently: Post-doc at MIT (robotics group of Russ Tedrake), Cambridge, MA, USA.

[PD4] Jalil Taghia (previously at Stanford University), variational inference, sampling based methods and deep learning. Currently: Machine Learning researcher with Ericsson Research, Stockholm, Sweden.

[PD3] Juozas Vaicenavičius (previously at UU, mathematics), 2017-2019, industrial post-doc working together with Veoneer. Currently: Co-founder at Sensmetry, Vilnius, Lithuania.

[PD2] Niklas Wahlström (previously at Linköping University), 2015 - 2019. Currently: Assistant Professor at Uppsala University.

[R1] Lawrence Murray (previously at the University of Oxford), 2016-2018. Currently at UBER AI (San Francisco, CA, USA).

[PD1] Johan Dahlin  (previously at Linköping University), 2016-2017, industrial post-doc working together with Sectra. Currently: Self-employed consultant at Kotte Consulting AB and Teambuild on Tech.

Visitors (longer than 2 weeks)

Johannes HendriksVisiting PhD student from The University of Newcastle, Australia, November 2018 - February 2019.

Antônio RibeiroVisiting PhD student from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Belo Horizonte, Brazil. September 2018 - December 2019.

Dr Adrian Wills from the University of Newcastle, Australia, June, 2018.

Timothy Rogers. Visiting PhD student from Elizabeth Cross’ group at the University of Sheffield, UK, June 2018.

Matteo ScandellaVisiting PhD student from Fabio Previdi’s group at the University of Bergamo, Italy, June 2018 and September - November, 2017.

Professor Bhushan Gopaluni from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada), May - June, 2017.

Tom Jin. Visiting PhD student from Adam Johansen’s group at Warwick University in Warwick (UK) May-June, 2017.

Koen Tiels from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels (Belgium), May, 2017.

Jack Umenberger. Visiting PhD student from Ian Machester’s group at The University of Sydney,  Australia, September, 2016.

Hildo Bijl. Visiting PhD student from Michel Verhaegen’s group at Delft University of Technology in Delft, The Netherlands. Visiting April - June, 2015.

Roger Frigola. Visiting PhD student from the Machine learning group at the University of Cambridge (UK). Visiting April - June, 2013. [PhD thesis]

Other students

Over the years I have also had the pleasure of working with other PhD students, including:

Jack UmenbergerConvex identification of stable dynamical systemsThe University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia. [PhD thesis]

Hildo Bijl, Gaussian process regression techniques - with applications to wind turbines, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands. [PhD thesis] [code]

Patricio E. ValenzuelaOn risk-coherent input design and Bayesian methods for nonlinear system identification, Department of Automatic Control, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. [PhD thesis]

Joel KronanderPhysically based rendering of synthetic objects in real environments, Media and Information Technology, Linköping University, Sweden. [PhD thesis]

Jerker Nordh, Bayesian inference for nonlinear dynamical systems - applications and software implementationDepartment of Automatic Control, Lund University, Sweden. [PhD thesis]

Roger FrigolaBayesian time series learning with Gaussian processes, Machine learning group, University of Cambridge, UK. [PhD thesis]

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