Present team

A list of my co-authors is available here and previous members of the team are listed here


Lawrence Murray, Sequential Monte Carlo, MCMC and programming language development. Working in the ASSEMBLE project.


Niklas Wahlström, working on deep learning and in particular deep reinforcement learning.
Jalil Taghia (starting July 2017), working on deep learning, variational inference and sampling based methods.

PhD students

Thomas Schön is currently supervising the following PhD students:

Christian Andersson Naesseth Thesis topic: Sequential Monte Carlo for general models.
Johan Wågberg Thesis topic: Bayesian Nonparametric models for system identification.
Andreas Svensson Thesis topic: Sequential Monte Carlo and Gaussian processes for nonlinear system identification.
Carl Andersson Thesis topic: Deep learning.
Carl Jidling Thesis topic: Gaussian processes and the automation of probabilistic modeling.

Thomas Schön is actively co-supervising the following PhD students:

Jan Kudlicka, Thesis topic: Sequential Monte Carlo and probabilistic programming.


Professor Bhushan Gopaluni from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada), May - June, 2017.

Dr Koen Tiels from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels (Belgium), May (2 weeks), 2017.

Tom Jin from Warwick University in Warwick (UK) May-June (6 weeks), 2017.

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