Frederik Hermans PhD Candidate

Communication Research, Uppsala Universitet, Sweden
Office: Ångström building 7, floor 2, room 72115
E-mail: frederik.hermans@it.uu.se

Brief Bio

I am a final-year PhD candidate at the Communication Research (CoRe) group at Uppsala Universitet. My research so far has focused on robust wireless communication in sensor networks — I have looked into packet corruption in outdoor sensor networks, classifying cross-technology interference, and performing repeatable experiments with mobile nodes. I am also interested in architectural issues of mobility support in information-centric networks. In the future, I want to understand how to improve robustness network-wide rather than on a per-hop basis. How can we make the application layer more robust to various network conditions without exposing irrelevant details? In general, I enjoy hands-on systems research.

My advisors are Per Gunningberg and Edith Ngai. I graduated from Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, in November 2009 with the degree Diplom-Informatiker, which translates to an M.Sc. in computer science.

Selected Publications

Complete list of publications. You can also check out my Google Scholar profile.


I am/have been involved in the following courses as a teaching assistant:

Fall 2013
Distributed Information Systems
Fall 2012
Distributed Information Systems
Spring 2012
Wireless Communication and Networked Embedded Systems, Computer Networks 2, and Computer Networks 3
Spring 2011
Wireless Embedded Systems, Computer Networks 2, and Computer Networks 3
Fall 2010
Computer Networks 1
Spring 2010
Computer Networks 2

Professional Activities

I have served as a member of the technical program committee of SNCNW, a Swedish workshop, in 2013 and 2014, and have been an external reviewer for the following journals, conferences, and workshops.

TPC member
SNCNW 2013, SNCNW 2014
External reviewer
ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (2013), IEEE Sensors Journal (2012), EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking (2010),
IEEE LCN 2014, IEEE LCN 2013, IEEE SenseApp 2012, ISWCS 2012, IEEE LCN 2011, IEEE IWCMC 2011, IEEE ICC 2010, IEEE WCSN 2010