Frederik Hermans PhD Candidate

Communication Research, Uppsala Universitet, Sweden
Office: Ångström building 7, floor 2, room 72115
E-mail: frederik.hermans@it.uu.se

Brief Bio

I am a final-year PhD candidate at the Communication Research (CoRe) group at Uppsala Universitet. My research so far has focused on robust wireless communication in sensor networks — I have looked into packet corruption in outdoor sensor networks, classifying cross-technology interference, and performing repeatable experiments with mobile nodes. I am also interested in architectural issues of mobility support in information-centric networks. In the future, I want to understand how to improve robustness network-wide rather than on a per-hop basis. How can we make the application layer more robust to various network conditions without exposing irrelevant details? In general, I enjoy hands-on systems research.

My advisors are Per Gunningberg and Edith Ngai. I graduated from Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, in November 2009 with the degree Diplom-Informatiker, which translates to an M.Sc. in computer science.

Selected Publications

Complete list of publications. You can also check out my Google Scholar profile.


I am/have been involved in the following courses as a teaching assistant:

Fall 2013
Distributed Information Systems
Fall 2012
Distributed Information Systems
Spring 2012
Wireless Communication and Networked Embedded Systems, Computer Networks 2, and Computer Networks 3
Spring 2011
Wireless Embedded Systems, Computer Networks 2, and Computer Networks 3
Fall 2010
Computer Networks 1
Spring 2010
Computer Networks 2