Pavlos Aimoniotis

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Pavlos Aimoniotis

Division of Computer Systems
Department of Information Technology
Uppsala University

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  • [Sep '22] Our paper "Clueless: A Tool Characterizing Values Leaking as Addresses" has been accepted to Hardware and Architectural Support for Security and Privacy (HASP), co-located with MICRO 2022!
  • [Jul '22] Our paper "Data-Out Instruction-In (DOIN!): Leveraging Inclusive Caches To Attack Speculative Delay Schemes" has been accepted to IEEE International Symposium on Secure and Private Execution Environment Design (SEED)!
  • [May '22] I received the ACACES 2022 Grant! See you in Italy!
  • [Dec '21] CAL paper "Reorder Buffer Contention: A Forward Speculative Interference Attack for Speculation Invariant Instructions" has been awarded as Best of CAL paper, and will be presented at HPCA 2022!
  • [Oct '21] Our paper "Reorder Buffer Contention: A Forward Speculative Interference Attack for Speculation Invariant Instructions" has been accepted to IEEE Computer Architecture Letters!
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  • Research and Bio

    I am a PhD Student at Uppsala University, research group UART (Uppsala Architecture Research Team) and also a Microsoft PhD Scholar, under the supervision of Professor Stefanos Kaxiras, and under the co-supervision of Associate Professor Magnus Själander (@ NTNU), Boris Köpf (@ Microsoft Research) and Assistant Professor Yuan Yao.
    My research interests lie broadly on computer architecture and security, exploring novel ideas on hardware and software to design architectures that offer greater levels of security and performance. My research interests include exploring the design space of speculative execution threats and mitigations and secure memory.
    My research is done in collaboration with Microsoft Research at Cambridge.
    Prior joining Uppsala University, I graduated from a Master of Engineering program in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Thessaly, Greece, where I was a member of Computer Systems Laboratory (CSL) and Circuits and Systems Laboratory (CASLab).
    You can reach me at
    keywords; computer architecture, security


    Ph.D., Computer Science (2021 - pres.)
    Uppsala University, Sweden
    Supervisor: Prof. Stefanos Kaxiras
    Co-Advisors: Magnus Själander, Boris Köpf, Yuan Yao

    M.Eng., Electrical and Computer Engineering (2016-2021)
    University of Thessaly, Greece
    Advisor: Prof. Nikolaos Bellas

    Thesis Title: "Precise and Approximate Optimizations for Visual SLAM on GPUs"


    PhD Scholarship
    Microsoft Research, Cambridge UK

    Plain Academic