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PhD Students

Name Thesis Topic Expected Advisor Website
Laura Marie Feeney Efficient energy handling in ad hoc networks 2016 Main
Niclas Finne Self-configuring wireless sensor networks 2017 Assistent Niclas Finne
Joakim Eriksson Self-configuring wireless sensor networks 2016 Assistent Joakim Eriksson
Volkan Cambazoglu Security and opportunistic networking 2016 Assistent Volkan Cambazoglu
Zhitao He PHY layer security and performance optimizations of wireless sensor networks 2017 Assistent Zhitao He.
Charalampos Orfanidis Software Defined Networking Architectures for Internet of Things 2019 Assistent Charis.

Alumni - PhD and Licentiate

Name Thesis Title Year Current position Website
Mats Bjorkman Finding and Eliminating Bottlenecks in Protocol Implementaions 1989 Professor MDH
Erik Nordmark A study of the performance of computer communication protocols 1989 Distinguished Engineer Cisco
Mats Bjorkman Architectures for High Performance Communication 1993 Professor MDH
Bengt Ahlgren Improving Computer Communication Performance by Reducing Memory Bandwidth Consumption 1997 Group leader, Center Director SICS
Bjorn Knutsson Improving computer communication and operating system performance by utilizing domain specific knowledge 1999 Senior Lecturer, IMIT/KTH
Thiemo Voigt Providing Quality of Service Guarantees to Networked Applications using the Nemesis Operating System 2000 Professor, Uppsala Universitet
Bjorn Knutsson Architectures for Application Transparent Proxies: A Study of Network Enhancing Software 2001 Senior Lecturer, IMIT/KTH
Thiemo Voigt Architectures for Service Differentiation in Overloaded Internet Servers 2002 Professor, Uppsala Universitet
Henrik Lundgren Implementation and Real-world Evaluation of Routing Protocols for Wireless Ad hoc Networks 2002 Researcher,  Technicolor Research Paris
Bob Melander Probing-Based Approaches to Bandwidth Measurements and Network Path Emulation 2003 technical Leader, Cisco
Henrik Lundgren Implemention and Experimental Evaluation of Wireless Ad hoc Routing Protocols 2005 Researcher
Technicolor Paris
Richard Gold Indirection communication architectures 2006 Researcher, AGT International
Anders Lindgren Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks 2006  SICS Lindgren
Sara Landstrom TCP/IP Technology for Modern Network Environments 2008 Luleå Technical University Sara Landström
Erik Nordstrom Challenged Networking: An Experimental Study of New Protocols and Architectures. 2009 Princeton
Joakim Eriksson Detailed Simulation of Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks. 2009 SICS
Niclas Finne Towards Adaptive Sensor Networks 2011 SICS
Fredrik Osterlind Cross Layer issues in Wireless Sensor Networks 2011 Thingsquare
Olof Rensfelt Experimental Challenges in Wireless Sensor Networks - Environment, Mobility, and Interference 2011 SenseBit
Ioana Rohde Security and Privacy-Aware Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks 2012 Researcher FOI
Fredrik Bjurefors Opportunistic Networking: Congestion, Transfer ordering and Resilience 2014 Uppsala University Fredrik Bjurfors.
Frederik Hermans Sensor networks and their radio environment 2014 Uppsala University Frederik Hermans.
Nicolas Tsiftes Storage-Centric System Architectures for Networked, Resource-Constrained Devices 2016 SICS Nicolas Tsiftes.

Sabbatical faculty visits, Post Docs and visiting PhD students

Name PostDoc/PhD Year at UU Affiliation Current position Website
Zinaida Benenson PhD 2006 University of Mannheim PhD student
Jochen Schiller PostDoc 1997-98 Freie Universität Professor
Andy Bavier PhD 2002 Princeton Researcher
Christian Rohner PostDoc 2003-06 Uppsala University Senior Researcher
Bjorn Landfeldt PhD 2001 Univ. of Sydney Ass Professor
Andreas Kuntz PhD 2008 Karlsruhe PostDoc Andreas
Marco Zimmerling PhD 2010 ETH PhD Andreas
Liam Mcnamara Researcher, SICS 2011-2013 Cambridge University Researcher Liam

PostDoc/Researcher Positions

(Winter 2016) There are no PostDoc positions available

PhD Positions

Students are admitted to the PhD program in Computer Communication on the basis of available positions. Please do not send unsolicited applications. They will be ignored.

Available position(s): None

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