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UPPSALA UNIVERSITET: Information Technology: Per Gunningberg

Bio & Professional activities


Professor Gunningberg was appointed full professor in Data Communication at Uppsala University in 1999. During 2007 to 2013 he was the (founding) director of the Excellence Center research center WISENET on wireless sensor networks.
   He got his PhD on fault tolerant systems from Uppsala University 1983,
his MSc in Computer Science from University of California Los Angeles, UCLA, in 1981. He has been working in the computer communications and distributed systems area since then. He was a visiting professor at UCLA during 1984-85. Before joining the Uppsala University faculty in 1995 he was a researcher and group leader at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science in 1986-1996. During Spring 2007 he was a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, a visiting professor at ETH Zurich in 2011, 2015 he was a guest professor at NICTA Sydney and in 2017 he was a visiting Researcher at Ericsson's Research facility in Silicon Valley.
   He is regarded as one of the networking authorities on the academic side in Sweden and he has founded several collaborate centers/programs with industry partners, including WISENET in 2007 and the Strategic Innovation Program Internet-of-Things Sweden in 2014. He has authored or co-authored more than 130 publications and he has four patents in the area and he has been invited to international panels, key talks, tutorials and as well as an evaluator of major international research programs. He has guided 16 PhD students to their PhD degrees and others to their licentiate degrees.
   On the professional side he has been a member of the Technical Advisory Committee for the ACM SIGCOMM society, an associate editor for the IEEE Transaction on Mobile Computing and the journal Computer Networks besides servicing regularly on major conference program committees in the Networking area.  On the entrepreneurial side he has been consulting for Ericsson, Telenor and other smaller telecom companies. He is a co-founder of three companies, the most recent is OptiMobile AB.

Recent and selected professional activities


Organizer of international major conferences

Major international conference program committees

Evaluator of Research programs and research positions

  • Externel evaluator and reviewer of professorships, tenures and senior lectures.
  • Evaluator of large research programs, including:
  • Vinnova(Sweden),
  • VR(Sweden),
  • STINT(Sweden),
  • SSF(Sweden),
  • Wallenberg Foundation(Sweden)
  • KKS(Sweden),
  • EPSRC(United Kingdom),
  • NSF(USA and
  • ERC(EU).
  • Expert reviewer of patents in patent disputes.

Boards and other committees

Major research funding

  • Awarded in 2006 a VinnEX center of Excellence on Wireless Sensor Networks by Vinnova Sweden. The total funding was 210 MSEK (my direct funding was 42MSEK) over ten years.
  • Awarded funding on programming of Sensor Networks in 2009 in total of 25 MSEK (5MSEK).
  • Factory-in-the-Cloud project, 2017 - 2022, 134MSEK(8MSEK) MSEK/year
  • UPMARC, 2008-2018, total of 100MSEK(10MSEK)
  • Center For Natural Disaster Science, 50MSEK(2,6MSEK)
  • EU Emerging Technologies, ResumeNet 2007-2011, 43MSEK(8MSEK)

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