Björn Victor

This page is no longer maintained. Please check my new page instead!
This page is no longer maintained. Please check my new page instead!

I'm a senior lecturer at the Department of Information Technology, Division of Computer Systems, at Uppsala University.
My research in formal methods involves calculi for mobile processes. In my research I have developed and explored a process calculus called the Fusion Calculus, which is a unifying framework for concurrent actions with "global" and "local" effects, where the pi-calculus appears as a subcalculus. I am also the principal author of the Mobility Workbench, the first automated analysis tool for the pi-calculus.

Together with Uwe Nestmann I maintain the Bibliography on Calculi for Mobile Processes.

I have two Ph.D. students: Magnus Johansson and Frédéric Haziza. Kidane Yemane graduated January 2006.

I have a list of selected papers and a brief CV available.

The past fall I was teaching secure computer systems. In the spring I'll teach operating systems.

I administer our technical reports and licentiate theses, I do web development for our department web server, and I lead the gender equity group. In addition I'm a member of the department board.
Look up my PGP key, or download my S/MIME certificate (in PEM or P7C formats).
Dept. of Information Technology
Computer Systems
Uppsala University
Box 337
SE-751 05 Uppsala, SWEDEN
Visit me at MIC, Polacksbacken, building 1, floor 1, room 1139.
Phone: +46 18 471 3169, Fax: +46 18 511925,
Mobile: +46 70 425 0239, Home: +46 18 501 601

My own family company is also on the web. That's also where I keep my personal web pages.

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