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Professor i Datalogi, Uppsala Universitet
Professor in Computing Science, Uppsala University
Dean of Mathematics and Computer Science


This I do at the Department of Information Technology.


I work in the group on Theory for Concurrent Systems
My main area is formal methods !
In particular I work on the pi-calculus and extensions.


(In Swedish) Föreläsning vid doktorspromotionen 25 maj, Uppsala universitet (2022)

A playlist about our results on nominal transition systems and logics (2019).

The pi-calculus: Origin and recent developments (2012).


Programmering STS

UTNs pedagogiska pris

STS-priset 2018

More about me

Here is a brief CV with links to some papers on line.
Here is my KTH inauguration, in Swedish.
Here I play the piano!

Play the game of Control!
Or at least some Gomoku.
Or play with
Complex Numbers!
Or learn to tow a trailer!

How to reach me

Joachim Parrow (email: firstname.lastname[at]
Department of Information Technology
Box 337
751 05 Uppsala
Phone Office +46 18 471 5704
Home +46 18 462058
Cellular + 46 70 57 333 24

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