Doctors advised by Christer Oscar Kiselman

I have been the principal scientific advisor of the following eighteen persons.

These doctors came from three continents and seven different countries. Our discussions were held in four different languages.

The first fourteen of them got their degrees during my tenure at Uppsala University; the last four after my retirement in 2006.

All eighteen are listed in the Mathematics Genealogy Project. In addition to these, four persons for whom I have been an assistant scientific advisor are listed below. Three of these are mentioned in the Mathematics Genealogy Project.

  1. Christer Borell. Thesis: Convex Measures on Infinite-Dimensional Vector Spaces, defended on 1974 May 20 at Uppsala University. Opponent: Jørgen Hoffman-Jørgensen. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded him its Strömer–Ferrnerska Prize in 1977 and its Edlundska Prize on 1998 March 26 (50 kSEK). Professor at Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg.

  2. Urban Cegrell. Thesis: Removable Singularities for Plurisubharmonic Functions and Related Problems, defended on 1975 May 23 at Uppsala University. Opponent: Pierre Lelong. Professor at Umeå University up to his retirement in 2010. Lived in Stockholm after that.

    Urban was born on 1943 May 28 and died on 2021 June 29. He was the advisor of twelve PhD students, earning their degrees during the period 1989–2012. He is the author of 78 publications, 1970–2019.

  3. Bengt Josefson. Thesis: Analytic Phenomena in l (A) and c0(A), defended on 1975 October 29 at Uppsala University. Opponent: Martin Schottenloher. Senior university lecturer at Linköping University until his retirement in 2014.

  4. Aboubakr Bayoumi. Thesis: Holomorphic Functions on Metric Vector Spaces, defended on 1979 April 07 at Uppsala University. Opponent: Bengt Josefson. Now at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, and Basic Research Institute, Florida, USA; earlier professor at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  5. Gunnar Berg. Thesis: Bounded Holomorphic Functions of Several Variables, defended on 1979 May 26 at Uppsala University. Opponent: Tord Ganelius. Senior lecturer at Uppsala University up to his retirement in 2009. Doing research on the history of mathematics.

    Gunnar received in 2016 the Pedagogical Prize of the Union of the Students in the Faculty of Science and Technology, Uppsala University.

  6. Leif Abrahamsson. Thesis: Extension of Holomorphic Mappings, defended on 1982 November 13 at Uppsala University. Opponent: Lawrence Gruman. Now senior lecturer at Uppsala University and Director of the International Programme in the Mathematical Sciences, Uppsala University.

  7. Mikael Passare. Thesis: Residues, Currents, and Their Relation to Ideals of Holomorphic Functions, defended on 1984 December 15 at Uppsala University. Opponent: Nils Øvrelid. Mikael was born on 1959 January 01, and died prematurely in Oman on 2011 September 15. Please go to the web page MIKAEL PASSARE IN MEMORIAM.

  8. Xiaoqin Wang. Thesis: Singular Integrals and Analyticity Theorems in Several Complex Variables, defended on 1990 May 05. Opponent: Ahmed Zeriahi. Now senior lecturer at University of Gävle.

    Xiaoqin gave her Docent Lecture in Gävle on 2016 January 14 and was appointed a Docent on 2016 May 02.

  9. Stanley Einstein-Matthews. Thesis: Extremal Plurisubharmonic Functions and Complex Monge–Ampère Operators, defended on 1993 May 08 at Uppsala University. Opponent: Sławomir Kołodziej. Now Stanley is full professor at Howard University, Washington, DC, USA.

  10. Stefan Halvarsson. Thesis: Duality in Convexity Theory Applied to Growth Problems in Complex Analysis, defended on 1996 May 15 at Uppsala University. Opponent: Józef Siciak.

    Now working with the National Defence Radio Establishment, Försvarets radioanstalt, FRA.

  11. Jonas Avelin. Thesis: Differential Calculus for Multifunctions and Nonsmooth Functions, defended on 1997 May 24 at Uppsala University. Opponent: Boris Mordukhovich.

    Now working as a Senior System Developer at the Uppsala Monitoring Centre, WHO Collaborating Centre for International Drug Monitoring.

  12. Björn Ivarsson. Thesis: Regularity and Boundary Behavior of Solutions to Complex Monge–Ampère Equations, defended on 2002 February 08 at Uppsala University. Opponent: Zbigniew Błocki. Now senior university lecturer at Aalto University.

  13. Thomas Ernst. Thesis: A New Method for q-Calculus, defended on 2002 November 14 at Uppsala University. Opponent: Hari M. Srivastava. (Sten Kaijser was his principal advisor prior to December 2001; after that assistant advisor). Thomas has 51 publications in MathSciNet during the period 2001 through 2021.

  14. Ola Weistrand. Thesis: Global Shape Description of Digital Objects, defended on 2005 December 09 at Uppsala University. Opponent: Michael S. Floater. (Gunilla Borgefors and Örjan Smedby were assistant advisors.) Now working with RaySearch Laboratories in Stockholm.

  15. Erik Melin. Thesis: Digital Geometry and Khalimsky Spaces, defended on 2008 February 29 at Uppsala University. Opponent: Jean Serra. (Gunilla Borgefors and Mikael Passare were assistant advisors.) The Royal Society of Sciences at Uppsala awarded him a Benzelius prize on 2008 September 02. Now working at Comsol in Stockholm.

  16. Hania Uscka-Wehlou (at the time Hanna) defended her thesis Digital lines, Sturmian Words, and Continued Fractions on 2009 September 25 at Uppsala University. Opponent: Damien Jamet. Her other advisors were Maciej Klimek, Gunilla Borgefors, and Mikael Passare.

    She has held several university positions, among them one as senior university lecturer at Uppsala University during two years, from 2017 up to 2019 August 13. From 2019 August 14, she held a permanent position as senior university lecturer at Mälardalen University. She decided to leave this position on 2021 May 18. On 2021 May 18 she was offered a position of the same type at Uppsala University, having been ranked first among twenty-three applicants. Three days later she declined this offer—she prefers to develop online courses at Udemy, an American massive open online course (MOOC) provider aimed at professional adults and students.

    Hania has received five awards:

    While this prize is for her research, the following prizes were for her educational skills, being best-teacher awards.

    For the three awards mentioned below, it should be noted that the competitions were among all teachers and all subjects in the three engineering programs in the Faculty of Science and Technology of Uppsala University, not just mathematics:

    In January 2019, the Student Union of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Uppsala University announced that she will be awarded the thus now in a competition over all subjects and all teachers in the whole faculty, which comprises a third of Uppsala Unversity. The prize is awarded once a year.

  17. Shiva Samieinia defended her thesis Digital Geometry, Combinatorics, and Discrete Optimization on 2011 January 21 at Stockholm University. Opponent: Rémy Malgouyres. Her other advisors were Julius Borcea up to 2009 April 08 and from that day on Rikard Bøgvad. She presented her Licentiate Thesis at a seminar on 2007 September 25 with Damien Jamet as the opponent.

    Shiva Samieinia applied to be a PhD student at Uppsala University but her application was turned down on 2005 February 01 by the Head of Department there. Instead, she was welcomed to Stockholm University by Mikael Passare, then Head of Department, at a meeting on 2005 September 09 and formally accepted as a PhD student at Stockholm University on the same day.

    She has worked as senior university lecturer both at the Royal Institute of Technology and Uppsala University. More recently, she was a senior university lecturer at Stockholm University, however with a time-limited appointment (2015 July 01 through 2017 June 15).

    From January 2019 Shiva Samieinia works at EnterCard Group AB, Stockholm.

    Shiva received a prize from The Ruth and Nils-Erik Stenbäck Foundation for Research, which was handed over at a ceremony in Helsinki on 2016 April 29. The amount of this scholarship is 30 kEUR.

  18. Adama Arouna Koné presented his thesis with title page and full text Géométrie digitale utilisée pour la discrétisation et le recouvrement optimal des objects euclidiens (114 pages) on 2016 January 14 at l'Université des Sciences, des Techniques et des Technologies de Bamako (USTTB). Décision du Recteur; Rapport de soutenance; Procès verbal.

    His thesis was approved by the jury, which was chaired by Hamidou Touré of Université de Ouagadougou, and received the highest grade, Très honorable. I am happy that I could be present in Bamako at this important event.

    His other advisors were Ouaténi Diallo and Diby Diarra, both at l'Université des Sciences, des Techniques et des Technologies, and Gunilla Borgefors of Uppsala University. He was accepted as a doctoral student by a decision of la Faculté des Sciences et Technique (FAST), on 2011 October 05.

    Adama visited Uppsala to work with me the first time for four weeks, 2012 November 20 through December 17, and then for a second visit of two months, 2013 March 31 through May 30. His third visit to Uppsala was during the five months 2014 January 11 through June 12. The host for these visits was the Department of Mathematics.

    His fourth visit was from 2015 January 24 up to June 12, this time at the Department of Information Technology.

    All his visits to Sweden, totalling almost 13 months, have been supported by the International Science Programme (ISP), more precisely by its International Programme in the Mathematical Sciences (IPMS) and its network Partial Differential Equations, Modelling and Control.

    On 2015 December 29 his paper entitled "Covering a Euclidean line or hyperplane by dilations of its discretization" was accepted for publication in the Vietnam Journal of Mathematics. It was published online on 2016 June 03; in print in volume 45 (2017), no. 3, 351–368.

    He was nominated on 2017 November 23 by the Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research to be Maître-Assistant at l'Université des Sciences, des Techniques et des Technologies de Bamako (USTTB). On 2018 January 08 he was nominated, again by the Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research, to be Maître-Assistant at École Normale d'Enseignement Technique et Professionnel (ENETP), where he now teaches and does research.

I have been assistant advisor to the following four persons

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