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Bengt Jonsson
Professor in Computer Systems

Email: bengt.jonsson [at] it dot uu dot se
Phone: +46 - 18 - 471 3157

My main research interests are in the areas of formal methods, especially in connection with real-time and distributed systems, semantics of concurrent systems, and verification of concurrent systems.

Open Positions: 2 Ph.D. Positions on Software Security The topic for the positions is to develop techniques for detecting and removing security vulnerabilities in software, and applying these techniques in software for IoT devices. The positions are funded by the newly awarded aSSIsT project.
CAV Award 2017


Some activities (under construction)
Ph.D. Students:
  Cong Quy Trinh, Magnus Lång
aSSIsT, Secure Software for the IoT
UPMARC, A Center of Excellence on Software Technology for Multicore Programming
Past Projects:
CoDeR-MP, Computationally Demanding Real-Time Applications on Multicore Platforms
ProFun, A Programming Platform for Future Wireless Sensor Networks
CONNECT, a project on synthesis of networked components.

Current Courses:
Model Based Development of Embedded Systems (autumn 2017)

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I enjoy Piano Playing and Orienteering

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