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Bengt Jonsson
Professor in Computer Systems

Email: bengt.jonsson [at] it dot uu dot se
Phone: +46 - 18 - 471 3157

My main research interests are in the areas of formal methods, especially in connection with real-time and distributed systems, semantics of concurrent systems, and verification of concurrent systems.

NEW: CAV Award 2017
Multicore Day 2017 Kista, Stockholm. Nov. 29.
MCC 2017 10th Swedish Workshop on Multicore Computing, in Uppsala November 30 - Dec 1,


M.Sc. project available: Practical Application of Systematic Concurrency Testing

Some activities (under construction)
Ph.D. Students:
  Cong Quy Trinh, Jonathan Lindén Magnus Lång
  UPMARC, A Center of Excellence on Software Technology for Multicore Programming
CoDeR-MP, Computationally Demanding Real-Time Applications on Multicore Platforms
ProFun, A Programming Platform for Future Wireless Sensor Networks
CONNECT, a project on synthesis of networked components.

Current Courses:
Model Based Development of Embedded Systems (autumn 2017)

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I enjoy Piano Playing and Orienteering

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