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  • Research

    My current research concerns Feature Interactions in Telephone Systems at Department of Computer Systems of Uppsala University, located at MIC in Uppsala, Sweden. What follows is a list of articles and a tool I have produced.

    Formal Specifications of Requirements

  • Formalisation of requirements with emphasise on Feature Interaction detection , J Blom, Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Feature Interactions in Telecommunications Systems, 1997.
  • Requirements Engineering and Formalisation in a Telecommunication Environment, A Ekman, J Jonasson, T Grelsson, M Dam, L-å Fredlund, J Blom, R Bol and B Jonsson, Astec project ARENA 1st Deliverable, Mars 12 1996.
  • Creation of Dependent Features, J Blom, R Bol, B Jonsson, and J Nyström, RVK96 Luleå ,Sweden June 6-9 1996.
  • Constraint Oriented Temporal Logic Specification, J Blom, B Jonsson, Formal Systems Specification The RPC-Memory Specification Case Study , volume 1169 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 161-182, Springer Verlag, July 1996.

  • Draft version available online.
  • Automatic Detection of Feature Interactions in Temporal Logic, J Blom, R Bol, and L Kempe, Software Concepts and Tools, 1996.
  • Automatic Detection of Feature Interactions in Temporal Logic, J Blom, R Bol, and L Kempe, Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Feature Interactions in Telecommunications Systems, 1995.
  • Using temporal logic for modular specification of telephone services, J Blom, B Jonsson, and L Kempe, Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Feature Interactions in Telecommunications Systems ,pp. I:197-216, Amsterdam, The Netherlands May 9-10, 1994.
  • Non-linear Dynamics

  • Tool for the specification and analysis of Coupled Map Lattices, J Blom, Final year dissertation, University College of Swansea, 1992
  • Caress II: a general purpose tool for parallel deterministic systems, with applications to simulating cellular systems. J Blom, A V Holden, M J Poole, J V Tucker, and H Zhang, Journal of Physiology (London), 467:145, 1993
  • User manual for Cumulus V1.2- A Coupled Map Lattice Tool, J Blom
  • Cumulus V1.3 compiled for SunOS V1.4.2
  • Formal Methods

  • Formal Methods Tools Collection (Currently just a huge .dvi file, might change in future)
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