Solos in Concert

Cosimo Laneve and Björn Victor


We present a calculus of mobile processes without prefix or summation, and using two different encodings we show that it can express both action prefix and guarded summation. One encoding gives a strong correspondence but uses a match operator; the other yields a slightly weaker correspondence but uses no additional operators.

In J. Wiedermann, P. van Emde Boas, M. Nielsen, eds, Proceedings of ICALP'99, volume 1644 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 513-523. Springer-Verlag, 1999. (Postscript, compressed, PDF, Postscript non-compressed) [© Springer-Verlag]

In the full version we also show that the expressive power of the solos calculus is still retained by the sub-calculus where actions carry at most two names. On the contrary, expressiveness is lost in the solos calculus without match and with actions carrying at most one name.

MSCS (Mathematical Structures in Computer Science) vol 13 nr 5 2003 (Postscript, compressed, PDF).

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Björn Victor
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