CONFER-2 Workshop
Stockholm, June 13-14, 2000

Call for Contributions and Participation

The spring CONFER-2 workshop will take place on KTH campus in Stockholm on June 13-14, arranged by KTH and SICS in collaboration. Joachim Parrow will be responsible for the scientific programme and Mads Dam for local arrangements.

You can find a preliminary programme and lists of attendants and talks here.

The workshop will be followed on June 15-16 by a workshop on Security, Middleware and Languages, arranged by Mads Dam.


The workshop will take place at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Room D41, Lindstedtsvägen 17, Stockholm. The subway station "Tekniska högskolan" is the nearest (the "T" next to "Östra station" on the map of KTH campus).

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Björn Victor
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