Abstractions and Tactilities

Exhibition at Museum Gustavianum 4 August 2000 - 15 October 2000.
Katarina Sundkvist Zohari, artist
Björn Victor, researcher
the bodily/physical/apparent as opposed to the spiritual abstract.''
Information can be transferred in many different ways, such as by spoken or written words passed between people, in code between computers, or by silent understanding in an experience. These different methods of expression all have in common a desire to communicate, on a more or less abstract level.

We have let the immaterial formulae of computer science with their need for an exact language stand in contrast to the physically manifest sculptures and their abstract language of form.

See here for more information! (So far only in Swedish, sorry.)

You can also watch some animations which were shown during the "Cultural Night" in Uppsala on September 9, 2000. (If you're using Solaris 7 there is a risk for Netscape crashing.)

Björn Victor
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