Hallo Bay Grizzlies

Hallo Bay in Katmai National Park, Alaska, is the grizzly bears' heaven. They have been protected here since 1918. Therefore they are not aggressive towards humans except for the annoying Timothy Treadwell.

In the Hallo Bay valley there is plenty of food and a wonderful view: Hallo Bay grizzlies

At low tide the grizzlies eat sea food:  Clam digging

After the sea food there is high protein sedge grass: Eating salad

After dinner the fat and lazy grizzly rests after having digged a hole for the stomach: Very lazy grizzly

Then new grizzlies are made:  Mating grizzlies

The grizzly family rests: Resting family

The grizzly family stands up to fend off a male grizzly:  Dancing grizzlies

Hallo Bay airport:  Airport, our pilot: Pilot and co-pilot: Co-pilot

Landing on Hallo Bay beach: Landing.wmv, 56MB HD movie clip: Landing.mpg

Grizzly family playing on Hallo Bay beach: PlayingFamily.wmv, 52MB HD movie clip: PlayingFamily.mpg