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Picture of Tobias AmnellThis page tells you a little bit about Tobias Amnell, Ph.D. student at the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University.
My undergraduate education is in Engineering Physics, and I have a Master of Science in Technology from Uppsala University School of Engineering.
My main interests in undergraduate years where in Computer Science, so when the opportunity arose in September 1998 I started as a PhD-student with a intention to finish within five years.

Research interest

I am a member of the Design and Analysis of Real-Time Systems (DARTS) group. Currently I am working with code synthesis of embedded software code from design models described in the modelling language used in UPPAAL (a model-checking tool developed in the DARTS group.

I am also interested in animation of Hybrid Automata.

Licentiate Thesis

    Code Synthesis for Timed Automata, Tobias Amnell, Lic Thesis, ISSN 1404-5117, number 2003-011, Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University, Oct. 2003.


  • TIMES: a Tool for Schedulability Analysis and Code Generation of Real-Time Systems. Tobias Amnell, Elena Fersman, Leonid Mokrushin, Paul Pettersson, and Wang Yi. In Proceedings of FORMATS03 (to appear in LNCS). 2003.
  • Code Synthesis for Timed Automata, Tobias Amnell, Elena Fersman, Paul Pettersson, Hongyan Sun, Wang Yi. In Nordic Journal of Computing (NJC), Vol 9, no 4, 2003. (PS.GZ,PDF)
  • TIMES: A Tools for Modelling and Implementation of Embedded Systems, Tobias Amnell, Elena Fersman, Leonid Mokrushin, Paul Pettersson, and Wang Yi. Accepted for presentation at the 8th International Conference on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems (TACAS'02). Grenoble, France, April 6-14, 2002. ( .ps.gz, .pdf )
  • Formal Modeling of a Central Lock System, Tobias Amnell and Pontus Jansson. In Proceedings of Workshop on Real-Time Tools, Aalborg University, Denmark, August 20, 2001. Paul Pettersson and Sergio Yvione (Eds.)
  • UPPAAL - Now, Next, and Future, Tobias Amnell, Gerd Behrmann, Johan Bengtsson, Pedro R. D'Argenio, Alexandre David, Ansgar Fehnker, Thomas Hune, Bertrand Jeannet, Kim G. Larsen, M. Oliver Möller, Paul Pettersson, Carsten Weise, and Wang Yi. In Proceedings of Modelling and Verification of Parallel Processes (MOVEP'2k), Nantes, France, June 19 to 23, 2000. LNCS Tutorial 2067, pages 100-125, F. Cassez, C. Jard, B. Rozoy, and M. Ryan (Eds.), 2001. ( .ps.gz, .pdf, abstract, bibtex )
  • A Real Time Animator for Hybrid Systems Tobias Amnell, Alexandre David, and Wang Yi. In Proceedings of the 6th ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems (LCTES'2000). Vancouver, Canada, June 18, 2000.


Fall 2000 (HT 2000)

Fall 1999 (HT 1999)

Spring 1999 (VT 1999)

Contact information

Visiting address
Polacksbacken campus
Building 1, Room 1216
Phone +46 18 471 71 22
Fax +46 18 55 02 25
Postal address
Department of Computer Systems
Uppsala University
Box 337
S-751 05 Uppsala


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