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You may download all software on this page and use, modify and redistribute it in any way you like. A redistributor must fully attribute the authorship and make a good effort to cite the original location of the software. A researcher making critical use of the software in research is requested to acknowledge this in publications related to the research. A company may use the code in software products provided that the original location and the author is clearly cited.

All code provided here comes with absolutely no warranty and no support whatsoever is given.

There are a lot of freeware available on the net. Do not download unless you agree to the above license.

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Currently, most codes below are used essentially daily on platforms with mexext = {mexa64,mexmaci64} and Matlab version {9.6}. I have extensive previous experience with mexext = {mexmaci,mexglx,mexmac,mexsol,mexs64} and version = {7.0, 7.2. 7.5, 7.8, 7.11, 7.13, 7.14, 8.4}. Note: very limited support for PC.

Research-related codes

When coding, I tend to use my own libraries rather extensively (see "stenglib" below). I try to register all such dependencies but have likely missed a few.

Packages for daily use ("stenglib")

The package stenglib is available via GitHub. Please refer to stenglib at GitHub.
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