Cylinder flow

Impulsively started flow around a circle at Reynolds number Re = 9500. The solution has been forced to symmetricity by the numerical method since very small perturbations otherwise yield an unsymmetric solution. By the random nature of the method used, such perturbations can never be completely avoided.


  • The numerical method employed in the simulations was described in P. Deglaire, S. Engblom, O. Ågren, H. Bernhoff: Analytical solutions for a single blade in vertical axis turbine motion in two-dimensions, in Eur. J. Mech. B Fluids 28(4):506--520, 2009: (doi).
  • The fast multipole method was further detailed in S. Engblom: On well-separated sets and fast multipole methods, in Appl. Numer. Math. 61(10):1096--1102, 2011: (doi).

  • Stefan Engblom
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