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I am / was Guest Editor of: I am / was a Board or Steering / Executive Committee member of: I am / was Programme Chair of: I am / was the Workshops & Tutorials Chair of: I am / was a (Senior) Programme Committee member of: I am / was Local (Co-)Chair of: I am / was Organiser of: I am / was a Reviewer for numerous other journals, conferences, and workshops, including: I was invited speaker at the following conferences: I was invited to give the following tutorials: I was invited to the following strategic workshops: I was invited on the following panels: I serve(d) as a Jury Member on:

Governmental / Societal Assignments

I serve(d) on the following assignments:


My teaching activities are / were:

Local Service

I serve / served on the following functions at my university:


I am currently a member of:



My current (co-)advisees are: My former (co-)advisees are:
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