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    Preprints and in preparation
  1. Muhamadiev E.M, Nazarov M. On almost periodic solutions of the Poisson's equation.
    (2017); submitted

  2. Guermond J.-L., Nazarov M., Popov B. Convergence of an invariant domain preserving scheme.
    (2017); to be submitted.

    Journal Papers
  3. Muhamadiev E. and Nazarov M. Regularity of almost periodic solutions of Poisson's equation.
    (2020); Ufa Mathematical Journal. acceptedPDF ]

  4. Lu L., Nazarov M., Fischer P. Nonlinear artificial viscosity for spectral element methods.
    (2019); Comptes Rendus Mathematique 357(7): 646-654 [  DOI  | bib  | URL  | PDF ]

  5. Guermond J.-L., Nazarov M., Popov B., Tomas I. Second-order invariant domain preserving approximation of the Euler equations using convex limiting.
    (2018); SIAM J. Sci. Computing 40(5): A3211-A3239 [  DOI  | bib  | URL  | PDF  | Suplementary materials ]

  6. Nazarov M., Larcher A.. Numerical investigation of a viscous regularization of the Euler equations by Entropy Viscosity.
    (2017); Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 317: 128-152 [  DOI  | bib  | URL  | PDF ]

  7. Marras S., Nazarov M., Francis X. Giraldo. Stabilized high-order Galerkin methods based on a parameter-free dynamic SGS model for LES.
    (2015); Journal of Computational Physics. 301: 77-101 [ DOI  | bib  | URL  | PDF ]

  8. Buerg M. and Nazarov M. Goal-oriented adaptive finite element methods for elliptic problems revisited.
    (2015); Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. 287: 125-147 [  DOI  | bib  | URL  | PDF ]

  9. Muhamadiev E.M. and Nazarov M. Optimal bounds for a Lagrange interpolation inequality for piecewise linear continuous finite elements in two space dimensions.
    (2015); Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 423(2): 940 - 955. [ DOI  | bib  | URL  | PDF ]

  10. Guermond J.-L., Nazarov M., Popov B. and Yong Yang. A second-order maximum principle preserving Lagrange finite element technique for nonlinear scalar conservation equations.
    (2014); SIAM Journal of Numerical Analysis. 52(4): 2163-2182. [ DOI  | URL  | bib  | PDF ]

  11. Guermond J.-L. and Nazarov M. A maximum-principle preserving $C^0$ finite element method for scalar conservation equations.
    (2014); Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 272: 198-213. [ DOI  | URL  | bib  | PDF ]

  12. Nazarov M. Convergence of a residual based artificial viscosity finite element method.
    (2013); Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 65(4): 616-626. [ DOI  | URL  | bib  | PDF ]

  13. Nazarov M, Hoffman J. Residual based artificial viscosity for simulation of turbulent compressible flow using adaptive finite element methods.
    (2013); Int. J. Num. Methods Fluids, 71(3): 339-357. [ DOI  | URL  | bib  | PDF ]

  14. Nazarov M, Hoffman J. On the stability of the dual problem for high reynolds number flow past a circular cylinder in two dimensions.
    (2012); SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 34(4), A1905-A1924. [ DOI  | URL  | bib  | PDF ]

  15. Hoffman J, Jansson J, de Abreu RV, Degirmenci C, Jansson N, Muller K, Nazarov M, Spuhler J. Unicorn: parallel adaptive finite element simulation of turbulent flow and fluid-structure interaction for deforming domains and complex geometry.
    (2012); Computers & Fluids, doi:10.1016/j.compfluid.2012.02.003. DOI  | URL  | bib  | PDF ]

  16. Hoffman J, Jansson J, Degirmenci C, Jansson N, Nazarov M. Unicorn: a unified continuum mechanics solver.
    (2011); Automated solution of differential equations by the finite element method, (Eds. A.Logg, K-A.Mardal, G.N.Wells), Volume 84 of Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering, Springer, Chapter 18. [ bib ]

  17. Jansson N, Hoffman J, Nazarov M. Adaptive simulation of turbulent flow past a full car model,
    (2011); State of the Practice Reports, SC'11, ACM: New York, NY, USA, 20:1-20:8. [ DOI | URL  | bib  | PDF ]

  18. Nazarov M, Hoffman J. An adaptive finite element method for inviscid compressible flow.
    (2010); Int. J. Numer. Meth. Fluids, 64(10-12): 1102-1128. [ DOI | URL  | bib  | PDF ]

    Technical reports
  19. Nazarov M, Guermond J.-L., Popov B. A posteriori error estimation for the compressible Euler equations using entropy viscosity,
    (2011); Technical Report 4017, KTH, NA). [ bib ]

  20. Guermond J.-L., Nazarov M, Popov B. Implementation of the entropy viscosity method.
    (2011); Technical Report 4015, KTH, Numerical Analysis, NA. [ bib ]

  21. Hoffman J., Johnson C. and Nazarov M. Computational Foundation of Thermodynamics.

    Thesis and dissertations
  22. Nazarov M. Adaptive algorithms and high order stabilization for finite element computation of turbulent compressible flow.
    (2011); PhD thesis, KTH, Sweden. [ URL  | bib  | PDF ]

  23. Nazarov M. An adaptive finite element method for the compressible Euler equations.
    (2009); Licenciate thesis, No. 2009:13 in Trita-CSC-A, KTH, Sweden. [ URL  | bib  | PDF ]

  24. Nazarov M. Phase-field simulations.
    (2006); Master of Science thesis, Technical Report 2006:12, KTH, Sweden. [ bib  | PDF ]

  25. Nazarov M. The theorem of Beer-Hausdorff and it's applications,
    (2002); Master of Science thesis, KhSU, Tajikistan. [ bib ]

    Conference proceedings
  26. Nazarov M. A stabilized finite element method for the Surface-Quasi-Geostrophic equation
    (2019); Proc. 10th International Scientific-Technical Conference, INFOS-2019 VSTU, Russia. p: 8-11 [ bib ]

  27. Nazarov M. Smoothing of a nonlinear viscosity.
    (2018); International Conference in Mathematics to honor of Prof. Ilolov M. Tajik State National University, Tajikistan. [ bib ]

  28. Muhamadiev E. and Nazarov M. On almost periodic solutions of the Poisson's equation.
    (2017); International math conference in theory of functions, Bashkir State University, Ufa, Russia [ bib ]

  29. Nazarov M. Convergence of a goal-oriented adaptive algorithm for elliptic problems.
    (2015); International Conference in Mathematics to honor of Prof. Stecenko, Tajik State National University, Tajikistan [ bib ]

  30. Muhamadiev E. and Nazarov M. Notes on the estimation of an interpolation inequality for piecewise linear finite element approximations.
    (2014); International Conference in Mathematics and its Applications, Khujand State University, Tajikistan [ bib ]

  31. Nazarov M. Adaptive DNS/LES for two dimensional supersonic flow around a wedge.
    (2009); Proc. 5th International Scientific-Technical Conference, VSTU, Russia. [ bib ]

  32. Nazarov M. About the behavior of solutions of some classes of differential equations in 2d around critical points.
    (2004); International Conference on Mathematics: Actual problems of mathematics and its applications, TSU. Khujand, Tajikistan. [ bib ]

  33. Nazarov M. On resolvability of some classes of boundary value problems.
    (2004); International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Tajik State National University, Dushanbe, Tajikistan. [ bib ]

    Popular science presentations
  34. Nazarov M. Contribution to a special exhibition on computer simulations.
    (2017); Make software, change the world! Computer History Museum, Monterey, California, USA, [ URL ]


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