I'm an associate professor in the Institue of Embedded Systems, Northeastern University (NEU), China. I'm also partially affliated with the Embedded Systems Group chaired by Prof. Wang Yi at Uppsala University, Sweden. My research interests are in real-time embedded sysems, especially real-time scheduling theory and worst-case execution time (WCET) analysis.

email: "nan.guan"at"it.uu.se" or "guannan"at"ise.neu.edu.cn"

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Awards and Honors:

Best Paper Award: RTSS 2009, DATE 2013

Best Poster Award: IPDPS 2012 Ph.D. Forum

Best Paper Nomination: RTAS 2011, RTSS 2010, RTAS 2010, ASP-DAC 2009



2014.09. Serve on the PC of LCTES'15. Please consider to submit your work!

2014.08. Serve on the PC of WMC'14. Please consider to submit your work!

2014.07. Paper accepted to RTSS'14: "Approximate Response Time Analysis of Real-Time Graphs" by Nan Guan, Chuancai Gu, Martin Stigge, Qingxu Deng and Wang Yi

2014.06. Serve on the PC of RTAS'15. Please consider to submit your work!

2014.06. Serve on the PC of ASP-DAC'15. Please consider to submit your work!

2014.03. Serve on the PC of EMSOFT'14. Please consider to submit your work!

2014.02. Paper accepted to ECRTS'14: "Refinement-based Exact Response-Time Analysis" by Martin Stigge, Nan Guan and Wang Yi

2014.02. Serve on the PC of RTCSA'14. Please consider to submit your work!

2013.11. Two papers accepted to DATE'14: "General and Efficient Response Time Analysis for EDF Scheduling" by Nan Guan and Wang Yi, and "Partitioned Scheduling of Mixed-criticality Task systems on Multiprocessors" by Chuancai Gu, Nan Guan, Qingxu Deng and Wang Yi.

2013.06. Paper accepted to RTSS'13: Nan Guan and Wang Yi. "Finitary Real-Time Calculus: Efficient Performance Analysis for Distributed Embedded Systems"

2013.04. Paper accepted to ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems: Nan Guan, Mingsong Lv, Wang Yi and Ge Yu. "WCET Analysis with MRU Cache: Challenging LRU for Predictability"

2013.03. Recieved the Best Paper Award at DATE'13 : Nan Guan, Xinping Yang, Mingsong Lv and Wang Yi. "FIFO Cache Analysis for WCET Estimation: An Quantitative Approach"



PC member: RTAS'15, ASP-DAC'15, EMSOFT'14, RTCSA'14, ASP-DAC'14, CPSNA'14, IWMSA'14, APSCC'14, EUC'13, LCTES'12 wip

Journal Reviewer: IEEE Transaction on Computers, ACM Transaction on Embedded Computing Systems, ACM Transaction on Design Automation of Electronic Systems, Real-Time Systems, Jourmal of System Architecture, IEEE Embedded System Letters