Mikael Pettersson

My research interests include all aspects related to the implementation of imperative and functional programming languages. Runtime systems, data representation for polymorphic languages (both dynamically and statically typed), garbage collection, and general memory management. High-performance interpreters. Verification of Java Virtual Machine bytecodes. Compilers for high-level languages such as Scheme, Erlang, and Standard ML. Compiling pattern matching. The Standard ML static semantics. Current work focuses on high-performance Erlang implementations.
I'm also interested in operating systems, cryptography, computer networking, and computer graphics. My public Linux hacks are here.
Off work, I brew beer (all styles, all-grain) and ride my motorbike. In my youth, I used to read everything I could on vintage aircraft.
Mikael Pettersson
Department of Information Technology
Computing Science Division
Box 311
S-751 05 Uppsala
E-mail: Mikael.Pettersson@it.uu.se or Mikael.Pettersson@acm.org
Phone: +46 18 471 1054 (work)
Fax: (see the department's contact page)

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