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I'm a lecturer and the director of the undergraduate studies at the Department of Information Technlology, Computer Systems , Uppsala University , Sweden . The Department is located at the MIC-campus .


Mats Daniels


I'm currently involved in the following projects/activities (the list is by no means complete or up-to-date):



By the way, I hope you don't feel like... owl

...and if you do, maybe a stroll in the nature would be a good idea... well, that is almost always a good idea..and I hope this photo taken by Tom Willams will inspire you to do so.


·  Spring in Uppsala




Mats Daniels


Department of Information Technology

email: matsd@it.uu.se

Box 337

phone (work): +46 18 471 3160

S-751 05 Uppsala

phone (mobile): +47 708 918262


fax: +46 18 550225

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