Iterative solution methods for nonlinear problems
Course organization:

This course is on a graduate level and intends to broaden the knowledge of the participants on iterative solution methods for nonlinear problems and their rate of convergence.

There will be two lectures and a talk, presented at the regular TDB seminar.
The lectures will be given by Prof. Owe Axelsson, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

The course will be graded with up to 3 points for those students who:

Detailed time schedule

Week Date Lecture topic(s) Time Location
50 11/12 Lecture 1: Introduction: iterative solution methods for nonlinear problems
10:15-12:00 1345
51 17/12 Lecture 2: Global convergence of iterative methods for nonlinear equations (TDB seminar) 13:15-14:00 2214
51 19/12 Lecture 3: The two-level Newton method: the idea and generalizations to multilevel framework 10:15-12:00 1345

Finalizing the course is planned for weeks 3 and 4 (January 12-23), 2004.


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