About my PhD Thesis
* My PhD thesis titled Processor Pipelines and Static Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis was successfully defended on April 19th, 2002, so I can now call myself "Doctor". See my publications page for details on how to get the thesis and its errata.
Material for the press
Since we do a press release about the thesis, we need to provide some more information and images.
* Popular science texts: Two-page popular presentation of WCET (in English). Two-page popular presentation of real-time systems (in Swedish).
* (a diagram of basic concepts in WCET analysis) as [JPEG] and [EPS].
* a picture of me from 2002 as high-resolution [JPEG].
* a picture of me after official promotion in May 2002, as high-resolution [JPEG].
* (A picture of me showing LEGO robots to kindergarten kids) High-resolution JPEG [JPEG].
* a picture of me from 2000 as decent-resolution (about 800x800) [JPEG].