PhD Course on Digital Imaging Systems

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ECTS credits: 8 hp

How is a digital image captured? What are the differences between various modalities? Which acquisition method should be used for my application? These questions and many more will be answered in this course.

The course on Digital Imaging Systems is highly multi-disciplinary and will be given by invited expert lecturers from many specialties. It should be of interest for PhD students from many different subjects. In fact, the last time it was offered we attracted students from more than 10 different departments.

Course goal

Digital images have become more and more available. The aim of this course is to give a unified perspective on the large variety of imaging technologies that have developed during the last decades. The technologies will be discussed based on what they are imaging, as well as how and with what quality they are operating. The participants will achieve a better understanding of the possibilities and limitations of different imaging systems and based on this be able to evaluate the suitability of a particular technology for a particular task.

Target groups

The course is intended for graduate students from different subjects (material physics, geosciences, life sciences, medicine, etc.), where imaging and images are being or could be used as tools. Also graduate students interested in methods development in the area, e.g., in signal processing, scientific computing, or image processing, are welcome. Knowledge in basic mathematics and physics is a prerequisite and preferably also some experience of digital imaging.


The content and format of the course is summarised here and illustrated by the schedule below:


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Course organizers

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Course structure

Seminar series

There will be 16 two-hour seminars during a two-months period.
The seminars will be held in at the Department of Infomation Technology in, Campus Polacksbacken.


Date Content Presenter
Early September Course presentation
contents, distribution of material
Ingela Nyström
September Seminar series
October Seminar series Invited speakers
End of October Course final
evaluation, etc.
Ingela Nyström
Early November Written exam All participants

List of potential participants

Name Affiliation .
Xxx Xxx    Centre for Image Analysis    PhD student
    Dept. of Information Technology    PhD student
    Dept. of Engineering Sciences    PhD student
    Dept. of Physics and Astronomy    PhD student
    Dept. of Surgical Sciences; Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery    PhD student
    Dept. of Surgical Sciences; Radiology    PhD student
    and other departments    PhD student