Hjalmar Wennerström


My research focuses on sensor networks in harsh environments. The work investigates how environmental factors impact wireless links, showing the importance of understanding the local environment. More recent work includes the use of opportunistic networks for sensor data collection, a communication paradigm often envisioned for harsh environments.

I am in my final year (out of five) of PhD studies at the Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University. I am a member of the Communications Research group (CoRe) and part of the Centre for Natural Disaster Science (CNDS). As part of my PhD I also spend 20% of my time teaching.

Previosly (2014-2015) I spent a year abroad as a visiting research student in both Australia and Japan. I visited the Networks Research Group at NICTA in Australia with a three month visit to the Dependable Wireless Laboratory at NICT in Japan.

My public PhD defense is scheduled for September 23rd at 1 p.m at ITC Uppsala room P2446. The title of my thesis is 'A Node-Link Perspective on the Impact of Local Conditions in Sensor Networks'.


email: es.uu.ti@mortsrennew.ramlajh
Office: Ångström building, room 72402