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I am a Ph.D. Student at the Department of Information Technology. My supervisors are Paul Pettersson and Bengt Jonsson. My research area is Automated Test Case Generation. I am working in the project Testing of Real-Time Systems with the Uppaal CoVer tool in cooperation with the research group Testing of Reactive Systems. This was previously a project in the ASTEC competence center. I am also a Real-Time graduate student in the ARTES network. See the Uppaal CoVer homepage at http://www.uppaal.com/CoVer/


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Organization involvment

I have been involved in the organization of the following events:


I started 1989 at the computer science program at Uppsala University. During the autumn 1993 and the spring 1994 I read Social Phycology. During my student period I was deeply involved in the Student Fraternity Södermanlands-Nerikes Nation e.g. half time employed autumn 1992, and co-founder of the new concept for the summer restaurant called "Bryggan" (The quay!).

At the summer of 1994 I did my examination work at the Centre of Image Analysis. The title "WWW in theory and practice" became everyones knowledge a few years after.

In October 1994 I started my first computer related work at ISD Datasystem AB. Started with development in 4GL and mimer database. Continued with HP Openview on HP-UX, mostly C, X/Motif development. The last one and a half year that I was at ISD, I was Technical Project Manager for the company's largest project, and was involved in the development of company's way to run projects.

In December 2000 I started at the well known enterprise Ericsson. At the time my company's name was Ericsson Business Consulting. The company was at the time shifting its activity to become MIS, Mobile Internet Solutions. I was pointed out as Project Manager for an internal project based on the WAS, WAP Application Server (waiting for the 3G assignments to come ...). I got an assignment at VM Vodafone Multimedia located in Theale (outside Reading) UK. The assignment was three month from February to April 2001. When I came back, Ericsson had decided to close down MIS. I got a new job at Ericsson Internet Application. Before starting I had decided to become a PhD Student and the manager and I agreed on a ten weeks task. The task was to verify the new release of the WapIDE 3.1(!) that were outsourced to Trustlink's Moscow office.

From 15th of September 2001 I paid full time attention to my Master thesis i.e. a second examination work that I had started as a ten weeks project at ISD 1998. The new Swedish title "Magister" demanded this. All Since the project on ISD (1998) I had from time to time worked on the SDL to UPPAAL converter at my spare time.

From approximately the turn of the year 2001-2002 I am a PhD Student.


In our work we select test cases for real-time systems which satisfies some coverage criterion (in the model). We make a model of the specification and a very general model of the environment, such as the environment is non-deterministic (which should not be the case of the specification). When we explore the state space we keep track of what coverage items that are covered or not.

When all (or as many as possible) of the coverage items are covered we generate a trace (i.e. a sequence of events from a simulation) where the exchange between the model and the environment can be used as a test case. I.e. we have turned test case generation into a search problem. We have shown that algorithms for minimum cost (e.g. minimum time) are applicable.

If all coverage items cannot be covered in one simulation, we let the simulation (exploration) start over again but remembers all coverage items so far. If we have to start over again we will return a test suite.

We develop a tool for this purpose, based on the verification engine in UPPAAL. To be able to easely express new and more complicated coverage criteria we develop a language for so called observer automata.


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My master thesis:

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