Hamid Sarve - CBA


 ITC 2140

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Hamid Sarve

Hamid Sarve has a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden and received his Ph.D. degree at Centre for Image Analysis, SLU, Uppsala, Sweden. His main fields of interests and projects are presented below.

His thesis, Evaluation of Osseointegration using Image Analysis and Visualization of 2D and 3D Image Data is available online here.

3D Imaging and Visualizations of Bone Implant Samples Quantification of Volumes and Images of Bone Implants GPU-aided 2D-3D Intermodal Registration
Until recently, implant integration was only evaluated from 2D microscopic images. Reliable analysis of bone-implant integration requires 3D imaging as the whole sample should be included in the analysis. In this project we present two methods for visualization of SRμCT-scanned 3D volumes of screw-shaped bone implant samples: thread fly-through and 2D unfolding. A necessary step for understanding the mechanisms of implant integration is quantitative analysis of bone tissue around the implant. In this project, we present a segmentation method for the histological sections as well as SRμCT volumes and subsequent automatic quantitative analysis. To enable a direct comparison between the two modalities and to bypass the time consuming and difficult task of manual annotation of the volumes, registration of these data types is desired. In this project, we present two 2D-3D intermodal rigid-body image registration methods for the mentioned purpose. To speed up the process, part of the computations are done on the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU).