Gustaf Kylberg

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Kylberg Texture Dataset v. 1.0

Figure 1. Example patches from each one of the 28 texture classes.

Short description

  • 28 texture classes, see Figure 1.
  • 160 unique texture patches per class. (Alternative dataset with 12 rotations per each original patch, 160*12=1920 texture patches per class).
  • Texture patch size: 576x576 pixels.
  • File format: Lossless compressed 8 bit PNG.
  • All patches are normalized with a mean value of 127 and a standard deviation of 40.
  • One directory per texture class.
  • Files are named as follows: blanket1-d-p011-r180.png, where blanket1 is the class name, d original image sample number (possible values are a, b, c, or d), p011 is patch number 11, r180 patch rotated 180 degrees.

Full description


Texture Dataset

  • Texture dataset without rotated patches as .zip or .7z files. (~0.9 GB)
  • Texture dataset with rotated patches as .zip or .7z files. (~10.7 GB)
  • A small subset of the dataset including 6 classes with 40 samples each can be downloaded here as a .zip or .7z file. (~50 MB)

Original Images


How to reference

If you use the texture dataset in your research or in any other way, please refer to it as:

G. Kylberg. The Kylberg Texture Dataset v. 1.0, Centre for Image Analysis,
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Uppsala University,
External report (Blue series) No. 35.
Available online at:

or use this BibTeX entry: [.bib].


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Red lentils

Red lentils spread out on a flat surface. This was used as the source of the texture class "lentils1".