Research methodology for information technology

Post graduate course given March-May 2019


Organisers and lecturers
Profs. Gunilla Borgefors and Ingela Nyström (examiner).

For whom
This course is primarily intended for PhD students who started their research career recently - the second semester is the ideal time, but sooner or later works well too.

A version of this course has been available since the early 1990s and it has been embarrassingly well appreciated. It is suited all PhD students in Information Technology - which differs in many ways from the other subjects at TekNat, especially in publishing habits. .

The goal is to give general and useful knowledge about how to become a good and published researcher in information technology and/or various applications thereof. Much such knowledge is so obvious to us seniors that we forget to pass it on to the juniors until too late, when mistakes have been already made or chances missed.

The first part consists of five traditional lectures on being a PhD student, practical ethics, using library resources, scientific writing, where to publish, and presenting your work orally and by poster.

The second part consists of work by the participants, some in co-operation with your supervisors. There is one big task and several smaller ones.
1. You will read either six consecutive issues of a journal or one or two proceedings from a fully reviewed conference. From this material you will give a short seminar on the source. You should present the source in general, with some statistics and present two articles of your own choice in detail. The presentations should of course be made in the spirit of the course, using tips from the lectures and will be individually evaluated. The seminar presentations will be individually evaluated.
2. Active participation in the other students' seminars. You should have read the selected papers beforehand and ask some questions.
3. Present at least the skeleton of a scientific paper your are working on. You will get hints on how to improve it.
4. Review a scientific paper that one of your supervisors are currently reviewing or has recently reviewed. Also this will be evaluated.

Language English

Pre-course task Ask your supervisors which three journals and/or conferences that are most relevant for your research.

Venue Polacksbacken, Uppsala.

Literature Handouts and Scientific articles.

Examination Participation in the lectures and seminars and doing the tasks.

Credits 5

Deadline for applying to the course: 11 March 2019. You apply by sending an email to