Laces I designed and made

I learnt to do the simplest bobbin lace in the Vadstena tradition in the crafts class in school when I was eleven. All girls in Östergötland, the county where Vadstena is located, had to at that time. Opposite from most girls I like making lace and continued with more ambitious projects. I soon got a lace pillow with bobbins as a birthday present from my parents and did some lace now and then. During boring lectures in my Master of engineering years at he university I started drawing simple patterns and discovered I could think them out (which was easier after learning Kirchhoff's laws). The year 2003 was the 700 anniversary of Birgitta Birgersdotter's birth (later Saint Birgitta of Vadstena and Europe) and the Swedish Lace Association announced a competition designing a lace in her honour. I won the second prise with my "Birgitta's rose." After that I was inspired to create other laces and was very actuve for a while. The best are shown here.

Click the small images to see a larger one with a pattern for it (comments are in Swedish). You are free to use the pattern if you cite its source.

Convent butterflies
Wild strawberries
Kissing swans
Double happiness
The apple
Dewdrops with spider
Anemones - narrow
Anemones - medium
Anemones - broad
Birgitta's rose