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I am doing my PhD in the Optimisation Group, where my current research focuses on constraint-based local search. Some of my computer science interests are Constraint Programming, Constraint-Based Local Search, and Algorithms.

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The Optimisation Group

The Optimisation Group focuses on solving optimisation problems. Optimisation problems are problems that are constrained and where finding a good solution is often difficult. Examples of such problems are the travelling salesman problem, vehicle routing problem, nurse rostering problem. Society and businesses can (and have) save huge amounts of resources by optimising their organisations and processes.

The research of the Optimisation Group is on the methods and tools of mathematical programming, constraint programming, and local search.

We also continuously generate interesting problems fitting for a Master or Bachelor thesis. If you are interested then read here and contact us.

Our group do collaborative work with organisations and businesses for projects and research (contact us), where our latest project was on sawmill optimisation.

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