Konnect - a program to log in to Telia Broadband, com hem and Tiscali ADSL

With Konnect (formerly called KTelia), you don't need to visit the login site and type your username and password every time you want to log in. There are several programs that helps you with that for Windows, but I havn't found any with graphical interface for Linux, and that is exactly what Konnect is. It is visible in the system tray and has support for DCOP which make is possible for you (in KDE) connect a key shortcut to Konnect that logs in or logs out for you. Both Telia ADSL, com hem and Tiscali ADSL are supported.

Changes in Konnect 0.5 are: Note: To use you configuration file from KTelia you must rename the file "kteliarc" to "konnectrc" in ~/.kde/share/config/.


Mainwindow Configuration dialog


The program is released under the GPL-license.


Version 0.5 is available here: konnect-0.5.tar.gz

Future plans


KDE 3.2 and QT 3.2 or higher is needed.


Konnect is created by Fredrik Edemar. Thanks to Johan Nygren for suggestions about new features and bug reports.
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