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Erik Hagersten

Professor in Computer Architecture

I have moved between academia and industry seven times in my career and was most recently the chief architect for the high-end server division of Sun Microsystems, USA. I got my interest in parallel computers as a visiting researcher at Dataflow group at MIT in the early 80s. That interest was expanded at the Ericsson Computer Science Lab and led to the Cache-Only Memory Architecture work (and its brain-dead acronym COMA) at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS). I have also worked with fault-tolerant CPU designs at Ericsson and software tools for programmers at Rogue Wave Software Inc.

Research focus
I started the computer architecture research group UART at Uppsala. Our research centers around new efficient performance and power analysis techniques, as well as optimizations and tools built upon the insight they create. We also work on new fast and power-efficient solutions for building computer systems of tomorrow.

The work is in part financed by UPMARC research center financed from the Swedish basic research (VR). UPMARC spans several research groups at the IT department (press release from VR).

I founded the startup company Acumem 2006. Based on UART research results we have developed a new technique for analyzing the execution of applications and suggest ways to improve their performance. Acumem was acquired by Rogue Wave Software in September 2010 (See article) .

I am responsible for the advanced course in computer architecture "Advanced Computer Architecture" 

Other interests
Music: I play chamber music (I play viola and cello) and have been a member of the Heisenberg String Quartet (it is not possible to play a tone with the right pitch and the right timing simultaneously) since 1991 and the Fjord Clarinet Quintet since 2012. I belong to the Mazer String Quartet Society and the Amateur Chamber Music Players (ACMP).
Sailing: During the summer I sail my 42 foot red S-30 sailboat "Cayenne".
Skiing: During the winter I burn all the fat I gathere during the summer's sailing in my preparation for the 55 mile ski race Vasaloppet.

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