Sampling-Free Morphology - MATLAB Sources

Here you will find the sources for the sampling-free morphology presented in:

These scripts are written for MATLAB with the DIPimage toolbox. The ZIP file below contains a couple of M-files to create and process one-dimensional signals represented as a series of polynomials:

Thus, the following sequence of MATLAB commands apply a closing to a sampled signal and integrate the result:

x = xx(200,'corner');
din = 1 + sin(x*2*pi/(200/9));

cin = cmsegment(din);
cout = cmerosion(cmdilation(cin,10),10);
cres = cmintegrate(cout)

The following code does the same using discrete morphology:

dout = closing(din,10);
dres = sum(dout)

To look at the result of the sampling-free closing, use

figure; hold on
plot(double( cmsample(cin,[],10) ),'k-');
plot(double( din ),'kx');
plot(double( cmsample(cout,[],10) ),'b-');
plot(double( dout ),'ro');

Download ZIP. Remember that the DIPimage toolbox is required.

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