Première École d'Été Franco-Nordique de Mathématiques, EEFN

Den första fransk-nordiska sommarskolan i matematik

First French-Nordic Summer School in Mathematics

[Annonce en français]

The leading idea of this summer school was to improve cooperation between France and the five Nordic countries in a chosen domain of mathematics, this year in geometry.

The summer school started on June 26, 2001, at 14:00, and ended on July 3 at 14:00.

It took place at the limnology research station Erken. This station is situated on the shores of Lake Erken, one hour by car east of Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and a little north of the town of Norrtälje. It belongs to Uppsala University.


The themes of EEFN were digital, projective, and complex geometry. There were three courses on these themes: In addition, there were lectures on topics in close relation to the courses.

The program, listing events as they actually happened, is available here: DVI - PS - PDF.


EEFN was intended for doctoral students in the six countries as well as for specialists in one of the branches who want to learn more about the other two. There were 36 accepted participants, but three did not come. There were no parallel sessions: everybody was supposed to take part in the whole program. A list of all participants is available here: DVI - PS - PDF.

Economic terms


EEFN was initiated by the Counsellor for Culture and Science of the French Embassy in Sweden, Professor Jean-Marie Guastavino.

EEFN was conducted under the auspices of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and its research institute for mathematics, Institut Mittag-Leffler, Djursholm, as well as Uppsala University.


EEFN was financially supported by grants from the Nordic Academy for Research Education (NorFA) and the French Embassy in Sweden.


One of the participants, Nicolas Guilbert, took several photos during the summer school, and he has now made them available on the web.

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