Swedish Learning Laboratory - Distributed Interactive Learning Spaces

The Uppsala Wireless Learning Space (2000 Pilot Project)

During spring 2000 a wireless learning support environment was installed at the Polacksbacken Campus of Uppsala University. The installation consisted of 12 base stations positioned to give complete wireless LAN coverage of the four main floors of teaching areas, and the basement. Wireless coverage also extends to the parkland directly surrounding the building via and antenna mounted on the roof.

The experiments conducted in this initial phase involved the evaluation of a class of approximately 40 final year students taking an advanced course in computer communication and networking. The course focussed on cutting edge wireless technologies and ad hoc and active networking concepts. This innovative curriculum uses a project based learning model involving teams of students working on projects in topics such as mobile IP, ad hoc networking. These course offerings are closely linked to the research efforts of the two staff members teaching the course Per Gunningberg and Christian Tchudin.

To support active experimentation with wireless facilities students were engaged in a number of practical projects. To support this project activity, and to see the impacts of access to wireless LAN technology on student learning approximately 40 students were issued with Lucent Technologies WaveLAN cards. The course also established links to the computer communications course at KTH, which operates in a similar project environment to give students the possibility to collaborate in a cross campus manner, and exchange knowledge with their peers.

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