C. Aiswarya / Aiswarya Cyriac

Will you be there? INFINITY 2015 is taking place in Bangalore on December 15th.


I am a post-doctoral researcher at Uppsala University. I work in the algorithmic program verification group headed by Parosh Abdulla.

Before, I was a PhD student at LSV, ENS Cachan, France. More history!

Change of name: In my native region, we follow a patronymic naming system. Hence I prefer to use my given name Aiswarya rather than Cyriac (my father's given name). If it is difficult to pronounce Aiswarya, you may simply call me Aisha ;-)


I am interested in automata theory and its applications in verification. My publications can be found here.


I am the main lecturer for the course Automata and Logic in IT System Modelling.

I was a teaching assistant ENS Cachan. More details here.