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Lego resources

Lego resources

This page collects links to various resources related to LEGO Mindstorms. Collected by Tobias Amnell, report new discoveries or failed links to him.

Another list of links A collection of Lego Mindstorm bookmarks.

General LEGO information

(Almost) not related

LEGO Mindstorms information

Software platforms

There are many software platforms (operating systems) for Lego Mindstorms. At least two seem to have nice structure and support; brickOS (formerly known as legOS) and LeJOS. Se also Lego Mindstorm with Linux Mini-HOWTO


  • BricxCC an integrated development environment for NQC, also support brickOS
  • brickRC a simple Gnome application to remotely control a LEGO Mindstorms RCX brick that runs brickOS

brickOS information

Note: brickOS was formerly known as legOS. Complaints from LEGO forced the name change.

LeJOS information

I do not have first hand experience of LeJOS. But homepages etc indicate that it is well worth looking into.

Other platforms

There are also several other programming languages/operating systems that can generate code for Lego Mindstorm. Here is a partial list.

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