Qt Bindings for Poly/ML

Poly/ML is a modern implementation of the Standard ML programming language. Standard ML is a functional language with automatic type inference, garbage collection, advanced modules and many other features. The SML Basis Library provides basic data types and system interfaces for SML programmers.

The SML Basis Library does not contain support for GUI programming. Thus, writing a portable GUI application in SML is currently not straightforward. However, Poly/ML offers a foreign function interface, which allows to call C/C++ code.

Qt is a popular cross-platform application and GUI framework written in C++. In this project, you will use Poly/ML's foreign function interface to develop SML bindings for Qt, which will enable SML programmers to write Qt-based GUI applications.

Work environment:
Poly/ML (Linux, Windows or Mac)
Required knowledge/skills:
Functional and object-oriented programming
Tjark Weber

Last modified: 2013-03-02