Modal Logics for Nominal Transition Systems

Joachim Parrow, Johannes Borgström, Lars-Henrik Eriksson, Ramūnas Gutkovas, and Tjark Weber. Technical Report 2015-021, Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University, June 2015. Accepted for CONCUR 2015. This version includes proofs in an appendix.


We define a uniform semantic substrate for a wide variety of process calculi where states and action labels can be from arbitrary nominal sets. A Hennessy-Milner logic for these systems is introduced, and proved adequate for bisimulation equivalence. A main novelty is the use of finitely supported infinite conjunctions. We show how to treat different bisimulation variants such as early, late and open in a systematic way, and make substantial comparisons with related work. The main definitions and theorems have been formalized in Nominal Isabelle.



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A conference version of this paper is available.

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