Rooting of Pinus sylvestris hypocotyl cuttings


Here are pictures of the anatomical changes 6, 12 and 30 days after cutting three-week-old Pinus sylvestris seedlings on the hypocotyl.

More pictures and the whole story can be found in

Grönroos, R and von Arnold, S. 1985.
Initiation and development of wound tissue and roots on hypocotyl cuttings of Pinus sylvestris in vitro. Physiologia Plantarum 64: 393-401.

rooting day 6 rooting day 12 rooting day 30
After 6 days are short thracheids formed and some cells swell up in the lover region, wounded cells at the bottom are dead. Twelve days after cutting, lots of short thracheids has formed, a wound tissue is forming One month after cutting, a wound tisue is present, roots may form from this tissue.

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