The "Flener" Name

There are about fourty "Flener" households in Luxembourg, and a total of maybe 100 people with that name there. My paternal grandfather researched the genealogy, but lost the trace in the 1700s, I believe. Then we located quite a few "Flener"s in Austria, and now believe that is where the name came from (via the Austrian occupation of Luxembourg back then). A lot of Luxembourgers emigrated to the USA in the early 20th century, but I ignore whether this also holds for Austria. Nobody from my direct paternal ancestors emigrated, though.

There are many close variations of the name, in Luxembourg and Austria (and maybe Germany?): Flenner, Flehner, etc. None of these means anything, in Luxembourgish or any other Germanic language. My father thinks it could be an accidental contraction of the Austrian surname "Hoflehner", which means somebody who "rents" (in its medieval version, "lehen" in German) a farm ("Hof" in German) from the local lord.

For starting points on Luxembourg, see my Luxembourg: An Independent Travel Guide.

Descendants of emigrants from Luxembourg to the USA can trace their ancestors and relatives via some excellent genealogy sites, such as Luxembourg on my Mind or GeneLux.

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