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This is the webpage for the PhD course "Modelling for Discrete
Optimisation" (5 credits) for TekNat graduate students at Uppsala
University (UU), Sweden (see the file invitation.pdf).

The course will begin on 9 October 2017 (see the file timetable.txt).
All rooms (1146 and 1412) are in House 1 of the Information Technology
Centre in Polacksbacken (

There are 3 mandatory assignments, worth 3 credits in total, with what
we call "help sessions" for those who need help in solving them.  The
assignments *cannot* be finished within the help sessions themselves.
Assignment reports can be handed in any time, but we suggest deadlines
so as to provide focus.

The remaining 2 credits are for an optional project, ideally within your
research area.  Project reports can be handed in any time.  If you
want (and we hope you do), then we will also schedule a session where
everyone presents their project to the class.

Course resources can be found in the files software.txt and resources.html.

Valid access cards of UU employees give access to our building and
computer rooms.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Pierre Flener, Professor (, teacher
Gustav Bjordal, PhD student (, assistant