(taught in English)

10 points, Periods 3 & 4, Fall 1999



  1. The main objective of this continuation course is to make students familiar with some advanced fundamental principles and techniques of database management systems.  This means that the lectures themselves have a slightly theoretical flavour, as they discuss no particular systems: once the fundamental principles and techniques are understood, the usage of particular systems is easy, whereas the study of any such particular systems would not prepare the student for the usage of other systems or of the better ones that are bound to emerge.
  2. Some practice of these advanced aspects of database management systems is acquired through lessons and laboratories.

Lecture Topics & Schedule


Lessons & Labs

The teaching assistant Zeynep Kiziltan ( has a homepage for the lessons and labs of this course, with the schedules and names for groups a, b, c.

She also holds an office hour every week, see her page for details.


The first exam will be on Fri 14 Jan, from 8am to noon, in Postscriptum, Room 2, over the entire course material.

The second exam will be on Sat 29 Jan, from 9am to 1pm, in Postscriptum, Room 1, over the entire course material.


I use many abbreviations & notations when writing on the blackboard...

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